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Java Training

Thanks to Simplilearn for providing this course with well-structured packages, resources, and programming exercises. My confidence level in Java programming has grown significantly since completing this specialisation. It gave me the necessary knowledge and practice I need to take up a role as a software engineer.


•   9 Hrs

Certificate of completion

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Rohit Singh

3K learners have already signed up, only 30 days to go.

I have completed a certified course offered by Simplilearn based on Java Programming. The course covers the basics of java language and programming, and the visuals really helped a lot in better understanding.

*Please read the applicable Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and T&C carefully prior to enrolment

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Sanjog Dalvi

Anand Jha

Ankita C


Content Developer

Senior Azure Consultant

Associate Analyst

Business Consultant II

Technical Consultant


Aditya Shivam

Daksh Raj Solanki



Lead Analyst

Manager - Intelligent Automation

Assistant System Engineer Trainee

Senior Software Developer 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SkillUp job fest?

SkillUp job fest is an opportunity for SkillUp learners to be able to learn for FREE and also get placement support for exclusive jobs. The current edition of SkillUp job fest aims to help learners interested in Java programming to gain Skills and get job assistance to get placed as a Java developer.

Is SkillUp Job Fest open for other skills like Digital Marketing, Cyber Security etc?

The current edition of SkillUp job fest is exclusively for Java programming, we’ll be launching Job Fests for other skills and roles in the future, stay tuned!

How can I participate in SkillUp Job fest?

In order to participate in SkillUp Job Fest, you need to meet the following conditions

  • Enroll in and complete (85% i.e. unlock certificate) the Java training Free Course within the SkillUp Job Fest period (11 May, 2022 and ends on 30 June, 2022)
  • Take the post-course assessment which you will receive via email upon completion of the course

Our placement team will reach out to the top learners (Basis assessment scores) and evaluate their profiles. Once the profiles are evaluated, suitable candidates will be given the entire suite of placement services available to the Job Guarantee program completers

I have already enrolled in / completed the Java Training course, am I eligible to participate in SkillUp Job Fest?

Only learners who have completed the Java Training Free course during the fest ( 11 May, 2022 and ends on 30 June, 2022) period will be eligible i.e. if you had enrolled before the fest period but completed the course during the fest period, you will be eligible. If you completed the course before or after the fest period, you will not be eligible

When and how will I receive the assessment link post completing the Java training course?

Assessment links will be sent out to all learners who have completed the Java training course from 20th May onwards, the assessment link will be sent to your registered email ID.

What kind of questions will the assessment include?

The assessment is designed to test your knowledge of Java programming language and concepts of software development along with logical skills. The assessment will consist of MCQ type questions as well as pseudo-code , guess the output type of questions

How many attempts do I have to clear the assessment? What is the cut off score?

You’ll get only one attempt to clear the assessment, you will have to complete the assessment in one sitting i.e. once you have started the assessment, you will have to complete the assessment within the given time frame. The cut-off score will be mentioned within the assessment link.

Do I get a guaranteed job interview and job once I clear the assessment?

No, clearing of assessment does not guarantee a job interview or a job. Post assessment clearing, our placement services will reach out to the top scorers of the assessment via email / calls, the placement services team will decide the candidates who will receive placement support basis past profile and assessment performance

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